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Launch of the DARE e-Spring Academy 2014
by DARE e-Academy Administrator - Monday, 3 February 2014, 01:32 PM
DARE e-Spring Academy 2014Today the first session of the DARE e-Spring Academy 2014 was launched.  Anne Stalfort (Humanity in Action) and Georg Pirker (AdB) introduced in detail several areas of EU funding that are of interest for EDC/HRE. The session take place daily from 13h00-14h00 CET. This service is offered to DARE members only!

Supported and conducted by: AdBHREA

Schedule of the e-Spring Academy 2014

Monday, 03.02.2014
Introduction into the logic of the new EU funding mechanisms for
  • Education and Training,
  • Citizens
  • Rights Equality and Citizenship
  • External Aid
  • Technical questions on application practicalities (e-forms, registration etc.)
Tuesday , 04.02.2014
Education and training Pt. 1: ERASMUS+
Program logic and support schemes for activities in the field of formal and non-formal work with young people

Wednesday, 05.02.2014
Education and training Pt. 2: ERASMUS+
Program logic and support schemes for Adult Education, Vocational Education and Training

Thursday, 06.02.2014
EU and Citizenship 
  • The renewed Europe for Citizens program: European Remembrance projects and citizens democratic involvement in the Europen Union
  • The new EU program for Rights, Equality and Citizenship 
Friday, 07.02.2014
Other funding mechanisms such as 
  • EU External Aid Programs, 
  • European social funds etc.
  • Summary of the online lecture

The e-Spring Academy is part of the new tools suggested by the DARE General Assembly for the DARE strategy 2014ff.